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the suite

steven carter - 08/30/2014

i wear this all the time and mostly when my gay husbend comes over. it feels very good on the dick.

Wrestled in this

Kerry - 07/13/2014

Indy match . Live audience ..
Jobbed and got pinned but it
Was sooooo fun.
I dressed it up as a USA singlet
Because I wrestled a Jamaican guy .
Started getting hard near mid match .
Lots of women in the audience chanting
Thanks hunk wear


M - 01/10/2014


Body Suit

DAve - 01/29/2013

You slip it on over your head and it has three snaps between your legs to do up.

What a great body suit

rikkety rtik - 01/10/2013

It feels very comfortable and really enjoy wearing them.

How do you put it on?

LycraHunk - 12/19/2012

I am fairly sure that it does up with snaps between the legs and you pull it on over your head - same as women's bodysuits of the same design.

body suit

pb - 10/01/2012

This body suit feel good against the skin, and feels good on. I like wearing it and wish that it did come in white too. I try to wear it as much as I can, and only wash it occasionally.

how to put on

average123 - 09/17/2012

How do you put this on because i kinda want one.

how do you put it on?

random - 08/02/2012

I wanted to get one but want to be able to put it on?

love it

cew - 06/03/2012

I love my new body suit feels nice agains the skin wish thay would come out with one in white cant wait to wear it to the beach why should woman have all the nice bathing suits


me - 03/18/2012

how do you put iit on please help!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Bigger sizes

cew - 01/12/2012

wish thay came in bigger sizes I would use this product as a bathing suit


Bill - 10/18/2011

The bodysuits are great, beautiful colors to.
I would like to buy a few of these.
A picture of the bodysuit in jade would give me an idea of the color.


spandexdan - 09/01/2011

This suit feels amazing against your body, clings to every crevice. It's great to wear under clothes as it enhances your crown jewels but isn't on show. Poppers are accessible but not uncomfortable. Highly recommend!


Rick - 07/14/2011

I love the look and feel of this suit. My boyfriend (yes, I am gay) wants me to wear it all the time!!


dandanpianoman - 07/12/2011

I recieved this product a few days ago, and I've been wearing it as underwear ever since and it's so comfortable! There is no riding up, and it feels great tightly strung against my skin. Beats boxer shorts any day, keeps everything in place ;)

Nice way to show off the weenie

Lambastion - 06/03/2011

I love the way it feels on freshly shaved man nuggets. Plus it's so flattering because you can see the outline of the manly rod, but none of the imperfections.


GutierreZ - 05/13/2011

I wore this it was kinda big... But good! I wore it for my boyfriend... I went to his house with this one... He says it looks amazing.

Wish I had

Sam - 03/25/2011

This looks like a great workout swim suit. I am going to but one an use at the pool

Wish I had

Sam - 03/25/2011

This looks like a great workout swim suit. I am going to but one an use at the pool

I am Russell Williams and I approve this!

Russell Williams - 02/27/2011

This is so comfortable. Since I'm in jail this is the closest to I've been to my past life.

I enjoy every minute of it.


soo sexy

coolguy 8) - 02/26/2011

me and my friends went ice skating in these and they are really sustainable i even went to the trafford centre in one got to admit i looked a bit gay but thats fine amazing swiming costume and perfect for going down waterslides

great swim suit

dave - 02/18/2011

I wear this as my swim suit at the gym to swim laps in. It is durable and allows for ease of motion. I have received many compliments by other members and have been asked at least weekly where they could get one as well.


Ms - 02/13/2011

Love this I have a lot if junk in my trunk and a large penis pushing 10 1/2 inches and I get a size smaller than I need so it's a tight fit but looks hot and amazing. I wear this to school and to work out a lot and no one says a thing :).!

hot and totally coool

chrisgayguy - 01/20/2011

I agree the suit should come in pink and elbow length sleeves. The purple is nice though.

I love tight fitting clothes on men

Underage - 11/21/2010

As I am not yet 18 I can only look but I wish I had 1 because it's making me sooooooooo horney


Anonymous - 09/26/2010

ihe fit is AMAZING and the pouch in the front gives amazing support!!! i would wear it every day if i could!


corey1977200 - 08/08/2010

I wish it came in bigger sizes this would make a great swim suit for men I would wear this swimming in a lake or pond I dont like to take my shirt off in public so I wear womans bathing suits or aquatards


Henrik - 07/31/2010

It will look So kinky in pink. Make that and il bye 2

I would buy one for everyday if...

David - 01/28/2010

I would wear this everyday to work under the suit if it were in a short sleeve version.
Perfect for T-shirt/underwear replacement.

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